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Brother Model TC-S2DN CNC Vertical Drill/Tap Machining Center, New 2013

Item #: T12895

Description: X-Axis Travel 19.7", Y-Axis Travel 15.7", Z-Axis Travel 11.8", Riser for column 150mm (5.91"), Distance Between Table Top And Spindle Nose    7.1" - 18.9" plus riser, Table Size 24" x 16", Work Area 23.6" x 15.7", Table max. Load Capacity 661 lbs, Brother B00 Controls

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(1) Used Brother Model TC-S2DN CNC Vertical Drill/Tap Machining Center, New 2013

X-Axis Travel                                                         19.7"
Y-Axis Travel                                                          15.7"
Z-Axis Travel                                                          11.8"
Riser for column                                                     150mm (5.91")
Distance Between Table Top And Spindle Nose    7.1" - 18.9" plus riser
Table Size                                                               24" x 16"
Work Area                                                               23.6" x 15.7"
Table max. Load Capacity                                       661 lbs
Speed During Tapping                                             6,000 RPM
Max spindle speed                                                  16,000 RPM
Spindle Taper                                                           BT#30
Rapid Traverse Rate (X,Y & Z)                                1,969 IPM
Tool Storage Capacity                                              14 ATC
Max. Tool Length                                                      9.8"
Max. Tool Diameter                                                  1.2"
Max. Tool Weight                                                      6.6 lbs
Tool To Tool Change Time                                        0.9 Sec.
Chip To Chip                                                             1.6 Sec.
Cut To Cut                                                                 1.4 Sec.
Machine Weight                                                        5,291 lbs

Equipped With:
2013 Lehmann EA-510 (Swiss) Two 2 Axis Rotary/Trunion table model :T1-507510.LRvarioX1
- Spindle ID-HSK A63 / OD-70mm
- Run-out < 6ƒÊ
- Load capacity to spindle 175lbs
- Rotary - Up to 66RPM // 0-90‹ <0.5sec, incl. clamp
- Tilt - Up to 60RPM // 0-90‹ <0.6sec, incl. clamp
- Including DDF-507-04 rotary union, 4 flutes, air or oil
- Brake clamping torque
- Rotary axis 220 ft.lbs
- Tilt axis 810 ft.lbs.
- Standard accuracy:
- Tilt-Axis - positioning accuracy (+/-17h)
- Rotary-Axis - positioning accuracy (+/- 20h)
- Repetition accuracy (+/- 5h)
- Gear ratio 45:1, total ratio 90:1
- Tilting range 180o +/-10o
- Complete unit is fully sealed to IP 67 specification
- Reference point switch
- Motor mounting left-left,
- Sanyo is motor installed (tilt or rotary axis)
- Standard cable set, including plugs fit to TC-S2D
- Weight approx: 190lb
Original new cost of this trunion table was $44,600.

Additional hydraulic clamping system for work piece through the center of the rotary is included.
Automatic front door open/close
Coolant system

Control: Brothers B00
NC Language, Conversation (Changed By Parameter)
Absolute/ Incremental
Rotational Transformation
Corner C / Corner R
Synchronized Tap
Coordinate System Setttings
Dry Run
Backlash Compensation
Pitch Error Compensation
Rapid Traverse Over ride
Cutting Feed Over Ride
Alarm History
Status log
Machine lock
Computer Remote
High Accuracy Mode
Tool Length Measurement
Tool Life Management/Spare Tool
Backround Editing
Graphic Display
Sub Program
Expanded Workpiece Coordinate Sysytem
Helical/ Conical Interpolation
Mirror Image
Menu Progamming
Program Compensation
Tool Length Compensation
Cutting Compensation
Operation Program (Conv.)
Schedule Program (Conv.)
Auto Tool Selection (Conv.)
Auto Cutting Condition Setting (Conv.)
Auto Tool Length Compensation Setting (Conv.)
Auto Calculation of Unknown Number input (Conv.)
Machining Order Control (Conv.)
Macro Function
Auto Power Off
Servo Motor Standby Mode
Chip Shower Delay
Auto Coolant Off
Auto Work Light Off
Local Coordinate System
One-Way Positioning
Operation in Taper Mode
Heat Compensation System 11 (X, Y & Z)
Tool Washing Filter With Filter Clogging Detection
Tap Return FunctionCNC-B00
Approx. 10 Mbytes
USB Memory Interface
1,024 Registerable Programs

Specifications and Equipment are Preliminary, Subject to Buyer Verification.