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Kent JHC-12S Centerless Grinder

Item #: JHC-12S

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Product Highlights

  • 0.04″-1″ Diameter Grinding Capacity with Standard Work Rest
  • Grinding Wheel Size 12″ x 6″ x 5″
  • Regulating Wheel 8″ x 6″ x 5″
  • 7.5 HP Main Grinding Wheel Motor
  • Compact Design for Minimum Use of the Shop Floor Space
  • Easy Controls for Mazimum Work Efficiency
  • Automatic Lubrication with Safety interlock to Prevent Machine Operation When There is No Lubrication Present
  • Hydraulic Dresser for Both Grinding and Regulating Wheels Insure Smooth and evenly Trued Wheels

Optional Accessories

  • Wheeling balancing & arbor
  • Hydraulic work ejector for in-feed grinding
  • Manual work feeder for in-feed grinding
  • Automatic in-feed unit
  • Unloading attachment for through-feeding grinding
  • Automatic loading & unloading for in-feeding grinding
  • Profile grinding attachment w/ template & blade
  • Magazine-type automatic loading unit for through-feed grinding
  • Hopper-type automatic loading unit for through-feed grinding
  • Long bar grinding support unit
  • Paper filter & magnetic separator unit
  • Hydrocyclone coolant filter unit
  • Vibratory feeder for through-feed grinding