3" BLM E-Bender 76 CNC Multi-Axis-Servo Driven Tube Bender, 13 Axes, 3" Tube Dia., 157" Tube Length, Max. Radius 7.87", PC Based CNC Ctrl., New 2004


E-Bender 76

Benders, Tube, Electric

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Note on Machine - See Below in Features FEED SPECIFICATIONS: per discussion in Features Section
CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control BLM VGP 3D PC Based Control
Number of Axes 13
Alpha Numeric Name of Axes X1, Y1, Z1, 01, Y2, V1, V2, W3, W4, V4, U4, U2, U1
Type of Steel Mild Steel
Max. Bending Diameter 76mm or 2.99 Inches
Max. radius of curvature (monitoring) 200mm or 7.87 inches
Minimum internal radius (reducible on request) 50mm or 1.968 inchs
Maximum tube clamping gap (through) 76mm or 2.99 inches
Tube Sizes: 3.0 Inches
Max. Wall thickness @ .125 Inches
Tube Size: 2.0 Inches
Max. Wall thickness @ .188 Inches
Circle Radius Limitation Any thing that will fit in a 3.0" circle. Max. Wall thickness, the thickness will depend on shape.
Tube Lengths - Max. to Min. 2m or 78.74" and 4m or 157.48" (Note: If pushing is not required the length would be 156" Length from the first bend to machine limit.
Option Hitch Feed
Tube Length - Additional Information If bending a CLR smaller than 2D and pushing with the collet is needed, the length would be 78.7" from the first bend to machine limit.
Tube Length - Additional Information - 2 If pushing is not required the length would be 156" Length from first bend to machine limit.
Machine Radius Sizes: Max. 9.84" Inside Radius (ISR)
Machine Radius Sizes: No available Variable Radius Bending - Not Available on this machine.
Power On Hours 15825 at 40 hours per week
Machine Weight 28,600 Lbs.

Multistack up to 3 pieces
CNC PC Based Control
LCD Color Screen
Function Keyboard with E-Stop
Alpha/Numeric Keyboard
Pedestal Control with Foot Pedal and E-Stop
Lubrication System
Electrics: 480V/3/60
AMP: 50
Misc. Tooling; approximate: 34 Round, Rectangle, Square Collets, and some other tooling.

FEED SPECIFICATIONS: per discussion with a knowledgable experienced BLM/Tubebending personell : to Mandrell Feed you are LIMITED TO the 156". But there is NO Limit on HITCH FEEDING - you can feed a 6' to 7" feet per stroke until you run out of material. The is also FREE BENDING without the Mandrell. The only issue is radius that are to tight will collapse the tube wall. If you wanted to bend a 20' or 240" 3" tube it will all depend on the clearances as the part moves forward. Many times manufacturers my place the tubebender on large I-Beams to increase the work envelop, by raising the tubebender up.

*Enclosure - has been removed for purposes of moving and transportation - all panels are with and stored.

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