Citizen Miyano BMX-51MSY CNC Automatic Lathe, 7 Axis, 5000 RPM, 12 Pos. Turret, M70V Control, 20HP, High Pressure Coolant, FMB turbo 5-55 Barfeed, New 2021



Lathes, CNC (3-Axis or More)

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CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control Mitsubishi M70V
Number of Axes 7
Control Axis Groups 2
Number of Spindles 2
Chuck Size 6" on main spindle
Spindle 1 Chuck Size 6"
Spindle 2 Chuck Size 5"
Max. machining length 150mm/5.9"
Diameter of standard cutting - Spindle 1 51mm Dia.
Diameter of standard cutting - Spindle 2 51mm Dia.
Spindle Speed Range 2
Spindle speed range - Spindle 1 5000 RPM
Spindle speed range - Spindle 2 5000 RPM
Inner diameter Draw tube - Spindle 1 52mm Dia.
Inner diameter of draw tube - Spindle 2 43mm Dia.
No. Positions on Turret 12 Station Turret
Revolving Number of Tools on Turret Max. 12
Revolving Tool Speed Range 6000 RPM
Slide Stroke See Below
Turret Slide Stroke X1 Axis 165mm
Turret Slide Stroke Z1 Axis 300mm
Turret Slide Stroke Y1 Axis 80 (+/-40)mm
Spindle Slide Stroke - X2 Axis 86mm
Spindle Slide Stroke - Z2 Axis 553mm
Spindle HP 20HP
Sub-Spindle HP 10HP
Revolving Tool Drive 5.3HP
Voltage / Power requirement AC200/220 +/-10% 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 153.8"L x 61.45"W x 43.30" Ht (with chip conveyor)
Machine Weight 11240 Lbs.
Control: Mitsubishi M70V
Display Color 10.4" LCD
Standard Accessories
SP1/SP2 Chucking Device H-S22
Splash guard interlock
Spindle Air Blow
Spindle Brake
SP2 Work Ejector & Inner High Pressure Coolant
Part Conveyor
Chip Conveyor
3-Color Signal Tower
Total & Preset Counter (Custom Menu)
Cut-Off Confirmation (Electric Type)
Barfeeder Interface
Coolant Level Switch
Standard Tooling Package
Optional Accessories
1000 psi High Pressure Coolant - Chip Blaster
Mist Collector - Cool Blaster
Parts Carrier
Cut-Off Confirmation (Cylinder Type)
3-Jaws Chuck Systems
Standard NC Functions
Spindle C axis control (main-back)
Spindle synchronization function (main - back)
Program storage capacity: 160m
User macros
Canned cycle for drilling
Constant surface speed control
Polygon turning
Spindle synchronized tapping function (main-back)
Tool spindle synchronized tapping function
Sub-inch control
Milling interpolation
Helical interpolation
Multiple repetitive cycle for turning I/II
B code I/F
Tool offset: 80 pairs
Nose radius compensation
High speed program check
Optional block skip (1 set)
Superimposition of control axes
Torque skip function
Corner chamfering/Corner rounding
Arbitrary axis exchange function
Continuous thread cutting
Network I/O function
Other Features:
Chip Conveyor
FMB turbo 5-55 Magazine Barfeed
*All tooling including live toolholders go with the machine.