Ganesh Cyclone 32CS CNC Swiss Type Lathe, 1.25" Bar Cap. 7 Axes, 6000 RPM, Ganesh 900T, Edge Patriot 338 Bar Feed, New 2013


Cyclone 32CS

Lathes, CNC, Automatic, Swiss Type

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CONTROL Ganesh 900T Multi-Tasking Control
Capacity 1.25" (32mm) Standard
No of Axes: 7
Axes Name Designations: X, X2, Y, Z, Z2, C, C2
Main Spindle See Below
Maximum RPM / spindle bearing 6,000 RPM / 5-bearing spindle, 3-front, 2-rear ø110mm
Spindle Motor: 10-HP 3,000 rpm spindle motor, 2:1 pulley ratio
Spindle Bore - Main 1.456" (37mm)
Collet Nose - Main B&S #22 or Traub A-32
Maximum Bar Stock Diameter - Main 1.25" (32mm Std.)
X-Axis Travel 7.28" (185mm)
Y-Axis Travel (true Y-Axis, not compound Y) 19.29" (490mm)
Z-Axis Travel 6.50" (165mm)
Rapid Travel Speed: x, Y, Z 1,181 IPM (30m / minute)
Minimum input unit: 40 millionths (0.00004") (0.01mm)
OD Turning Tool Positions: 6 OD Tools (½” or 12mm)
ID Turning Tool Positions: 5 ID Tools
OD Turning Tool size ½” or 12mm
ID Turning Tool Bore Size 25 mm
Spindle Center Height 40” (1015mm)
Sub Spindle: See Below See Below
Sub spindle RPM / spindle bearing 6,000 RPM / 4-bearing Quad-Duplex pair configuration
Sub spindle Motor: 5-HP 3,000 rpm spindle motor, 2:1 pulley ratio
Collet Nose: Brown & Sharpe #22 or Traub A-32
Maximum Barstock Diameter: 1.250” in collet chuck (1.080” (27.5mm) pass thru)
X-axis Travel: 11.53” (293mm)
Z-axis Travel: 11.61” (295mm)
Minimum input unit 0.0001” (0.001mm = 40 millionths inch)
ID Turning Tool Bore Size: 25mm
Dimensions 101" x 68" x 80" (LxDxHt)
Weight 8000 pounds
Control:  Ganesh 900T Multi-Tasking Control with Color CRT
Edge Patriot 338 Magazine Barfeeder
Sub Spindle Options included:
     Air Blast nozzle:
Included Finished
Parts Ejector: Included Live Tooling: All live tools are gear driven w/ ø42mm bearings – no belts!
Cross slide live tools: 4-ER-20 cross slide live tools, 4,000 rpm, 2.0 HP (1.5kw)
Front slide live tools: 3-ER-20 front slide live tools, 4,000 rpm, 1.0 HP (0.75kw)
Subspindle axial live tools: 4-ER-20 axial live tools, 4,000 rpm, 1.0 HP (0.75kw) (1 radial live tool can be substituted on subspindle tool block)
Live tool collet size: ER-20 collet, ½” (0.5-13mm) tool shank capacity
Max RPM for live tools: 4,000 RPM
Part Catcher
Part Conveyor
Chip Conveyor
Coolant System
Spindle Chiller
Coolant Pump Dual 50psi 3/4-HP Coolant Pumps for main and subspindle
Coolant Tank Capacity 80-gallon coolant tank, with coolant flow confirmation sensor
Lubrication distribution Way lube distributed at 3-6 cc / 15 minute cycle
Machine Power Requirements 220vac ±5%, 63-amps, 3-phase, 60Hz
Air Requirements 85-PSI at 10-CFM for parts catcher, parts ejector, & air blast

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