Kent CNC JMH-500 CNC Horizontal Machining Center with APC



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JMH-500 w/APC



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Kent CNC JMH-500 CNC Horizontal Machining Center with APC



Specification MH-500 
X Axis Travel 25.6” (650mm)
Y Axis Travel 25.6” (650mm)
Z Axis Travel 25.6” (650mm)
Distance Between Spindle Center to Working Table 4.7-30.3” (120-770mm)
Distance Between Spindle Nose to Table Center 8.5-34” (215-865mm)
Max Cut High off Pallet 30.3”(770mm)
Maximum Pallet Workzone Circle 45.3(1150mm)
Pallet Dimensions 19.6×19.6(500mmx500mm)
Table Load @ Full Cutting Rapid 1768lbs(800kg)
Spindle Speed 6000 (Opt. Up to 24000) RPM
Spindle taper CAT50 Big+/HSK-A100/HSK-A63
Spindle motor 37.5/40.2/52.3HP
Spindle Cutting Torque (ft*lb) 487/212/177/143/89/68
Spindle changing speed(60/50HZ) 45-1500(30-1000) RPM
B-Axis Index (Deg) 0.001OPT
Standard ATC 60 (Opt. 80 90 100 120 200)
ATC Changer Index Time 2.9 sec
Maximum Tool Diameter 4.3(110mm)
Maximum Tool Diameter without Adjacent Tool 8.3(210mm)
Maximum Tool Length 15.7(400mm)
Maximum Tool Weight 33.2lbs(15kg)
Rapid Feed Rate STD 393.7 inch/min
  OPT 787.4 inch/min
Cutting Feed Rate STD 1181 inch/min
  OPT     36 inch/min
Machine Weight 26080 lbs(11800kg)
Machine Foot Print 3.9x 3.1x 3.1meters
Machine Power Consumption (kVA) 50/60
Standard Through Spindle Coolant bar/ (psi) 290psi
  Standard Die Mold Control:  Heidenhein iTNC530 with Nurbs Options
  XYZ Scales:  Standard on all Models. (Option can be removed upon request.)
  Extended Capacity ATC: Available on all Models
  Extended Z-Axis Stroke and Column Risers: Available on all Models
  Machine Control Options:
  Fanuc OiMD
  Fanuc 31iMB
  Siemens 828D (Nurbs)
  Siemens 840D (Nurbs)
  Mitsubishi M70
  Mitsubishi M700
  Fagor 8075i Controller

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