Okamoto ACC 820 ST Auto Feed Hydraulic Surface Grinder, 8x20 Permanent Mag. Chuck, Incremental Downfeed, Coolant System, Motor, New 1999


ACC 820 ST

Grinders, Surface, Recip.

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Note: See Below Video of Underpower link in Quotation
Incremental Downfeed yes
Table Size 8" x 20"
Standard Magnetic Chuck Size 8" x 20"
Table Load Capacity (Includes Chuck Weight) 440 lbs
Max. Grinding Length 25.6"
Max. Grinding Width 9"
Max. distance from table surface to spindle centerline 15.7"
Max. Travel Longitudinal (Hydraulic) Hydraulic Feed Rate -
Table Speed Infinately Variable 1.0 - 82 ft/min.
Crossfeed Tranverse Travel - Auto Increment Hydraulic Intermittent Cross feed 0.02 - 0.4 inch
Hydraulic Continuous Cross feed Rate 4 – 40 in/min.
Handwheel per Revolution 0.0001
Handwheel per Graduation 0.0001
Wheelhead Vertical Downfeed per Graduation 0.0001
Standard Grinding Wheel Diamentions 8 x 1 x 1.25 inch
Grinding Spindle Motor HP 2 HP
Grinding Wheel Speed 3,600 rpm/60Hz
Motor - Hydraulic Pump 1 HP
Lubrication pump 0.1 HP
Vertical Rapid Feed & Down feed 0.5 HP Servo (1632+ = .75 hp)
Dimensions 96 L x 79 W x 73 H inches
Okamoto Push Button Controller - 1999
8" x 20" Permanent Magnetic Fine Line Chuck with Lever
Rectifier in the control
Rectifier plug-in on electrical box
Fully Automatic Cycle with Rough/Fine
Grinding and Spark-out
Incremental Infeed
Splash Cover with Coolant Nozzle & Pipe
Full Table Back Splashguard
Leveling Bolts with Plates
Saddle lock system
Coolant System with Paper Filter
Instruction Manual

Video Link to Under Power Video in Quotation

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