Okuma Multus B-400-W 1500 Mill Turn CNC Lathe, 15" Chuck, H1-10,000 RPM, Prep for Thru Coolant, A2-11, 4.33" Bore Thru, Y-Axis , ONLY 2880 cut hours, New 2011


Multus B-400 W 1500

Lathes, CNC (3-Axis or More)

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Very Good



CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control OSP-P200L
Number of Axes 5
Number of Spindles 2
Chuck Size 15" Main Chuck, 10" Opposed Chuck
Max. Swing over Bed 27.95"
Swing over Saddle 27.95"
Max. Turning Length 60"
X-Axis Travel 27.17"
Z-Axis Travel 60.83"
Y-Axis Travel 9.06"
C-Axis Control 360 Degrees at 0.001
B Axis Indexing Angle 225 Degree at 0.001"
Main Spindle Speed Range 38 - 3800 RPM
Main Spindle Nose A2-11
Main Spindle Bore 4.33 Inches
Opposing Spindle Speed Range Auto 2 - Speed
Opposing Spindle Nose A2-8
Opposing Spindle - Tailstock Taper MT-5
Tool Taper in the M-Spindle CAPTO C6
H1 - Milling Spindle Speed Range 10,000 RPM
Prep for Thru Spindle Coolant yes
Milling Tool Spindle Dia. 2.76"
Cutting Feedrate Command Range 0.001 - 39.37 IPR
Rapid Traverse - X,Y,Z X & Z-1575 IPM, Y - 1,024 IPM
Main Spindle HP 40/30 HP
Opposing Spindle HP 30/20 HP
Milling Spindle HP 19/13 HP
Dimensions Ht. 118" x L 226.38" x W 104.73"
Machine Weight 37,500 Lbs.
OSP P200L Control
60 Station ATC
Tool Presetter
Main Spindle Chuck - 15"
Opposing Spindle Chuck - 10"
Coolant Through the Tool
Coolant System
Chip Conveyor
Foot Switches

Slant-Y Axis, Y-Axis Barrier, B-Axis 0.001 Deg., B-Axis Control, ATC, HI-G Control, B-Axis Comp., NC Turret, Sub Spindle, Multiple Machine, L Tool Index, New W-Data, H1 Turret, Servo Link NC, Servo Link Spndl, Tape Data In/Out, P-200 Spec, NO-SSU-RD, Home Position B, Plane Conversion, Profile Generat., Synchro Tapping, Helical Cutting, Slant Cutting, Home Position, Spin. Fluctuate, NC Torque Limit. GM Code MCRO, LAP4, Nose-R 2B, User Task 2, Exp. Auto Chamf, Col. Avoid. System, Programming Help, Help, 3D Animation, Animation, Touch Setter, Touch Sensor, C Zero Offset, Y Gauging, Optical Sensor, Pitch Error Comp, Turret Pos. Comp., Tool Offset 96, Tool Life Managememt, Tool Wear Comp., Tool Offset Sys., I/M Switch, Cycle Time Cal., Cycle Time RE. New, NC Work Counter,  Cycle Time Check, Load Monitor, MAC MAN, DNC-T1, NOT R Spec, Thermal Comp. L2, New Operate. Panel, Spindle Orient., M-Axis Orient., Spindle Max IL., Axis Active Stop, Var. Lost Motion, Chuck Grasp Comf, Chuck IL. RLS, Oil Cooler Alm-a, Hyd. Oil Cooler, EX Braek Release, Safety Relay, Pos. Unit, SPNDL Ornt. Elec., 1SP Oil Cooler, 2SP Oil Cooler, Multiple Machine, Sub Spindle, Soolant L/M CHG., Coolant Thru Spindle, M-Axis Orient.B-Axis Pos.LOMP., ATC Type H, M-Axis Oil Mist, Touch Setter, Touch Set. Motor, Touch Sensor, Optical Sensor, Mecha-Lock Door2, Door IL. S, Door IL. E, MG. Door Mecha-LK, Override Special, Load Monitor, Cycle Time Re. New, Thru & Measure Air, Air Pres. Detect, Prog. Stop Special, Portable PH, TR. Pndlm. Control, L Tool Index, L Tool Thd. Clamp, T. Clmp Output Holddown, B-Panel, OSP Chip Convere., Linear Guide Cvr.

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