Rofin StarCut Tube Fiber Laser, CNC, 4-Axis, up to 30mm, FMB micromag 2-20 Tube Feeder, New 2013


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Intended Purpose The StarCut Tube Fiber is electrically controlled laser system intended to be used exclusively for cutting tubes. This fiber laser is a technical tool that is only intended for professional use.
Laser Power - Type Fiber Laser
Number of Controlled Axes 4
Tube Diameter (mm) up to 30 mm
Linear Movements X, Y, Z, axes, A axis for Rotary Movement
Axis Travel (X) 300/600 (mm2)
Axis Travel (Y) 75 mm
Axis Travel (Z) 40 mm
Axis Speed (Rotary) (Rev/min) 600 to 1200 Rev/min
Wavelength (nm) 1070
WAVE LENGTH 900 - 1250 nm
Pulse Duration/Pulse Width 0.5 us (cw)
Pulse Frequency Single-Shot up to 170 KHz
Beam quality M2/Instensity allocation <1.1
Output Power-Watts 200
Wavelength (@ max. power) nm, Center, 1065/1070/1075
Bandwidth (@ max. power) nm FWHM - 0,1/2/2,5
Fiber cable length m, 2,5/3/3.5
Output beam diameter mm, ISO 11146: 4,5/5/5,5
Output beam divergency mrad, ISO 11146: 0,2/0,4
Output beam quality M2, ISO 11146: 1,1
Pointing Error mrad, 0,5
Machine Weight 3080
Supply Voltage 208 V / 50/60 Hz / 3 Phase
Machine Dimensions - L x W x Ht. 760 mm (29 in) x 2200 mm (86 in.) x 1430 (56 in)
Applications for: For Metal and Polymer:
Flexible and Fast Without Compromise -
Also Available as Hybrid Solution:
Ultra-Short Pulse and Fiber Laser
in One Housing

Equipped With:
Rofin Coherent CNC Control with LCD Touch Screen
Monitor - for machining process
Fiber Laser
Work holding
Axis Control
Rofin Control Unit (RCU)
Pump Unit
Internal pulse mode (SE)
Internal pulse mode (Gate)
External pulse model
Single Shot, ext. triggered
Power setpoint

FMB miromag 2-20 with water through flow Magazine Tube Feeder
• Automatic tube feeder for dry and wet cutting
• Tube length max. 3.2 m
• Storage for 48 tubes
• Tube diameter from 1-20 mm
• Cutting of oval tubes possible
• Increase of productivity
• Unmanned production

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