Royal Master Generation 5.1 (TG12x3) CNC Guidewire Profile Centerless Grinder, New 2006, Grinding Wire from: .0001" to .250", up to 17', with Scale Feedback to: .000004", Strongarm CNC Windows Based Control , 7.5 HP.


Generation 5.1 (TG12x3)

Grinders, Centerless

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CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control Strongarm - NT Based Touch Screen Windows Based Control
Weight 2300 pounds
Machine Capabilities:

Grinding Feed Rate - In Guide Wire Mode: 1.0" per second (25mm/second)
Diameter Capabilities: .0015" to .750"
Wire Diameter:  .0001" to .250" (.02mm to 6.35mm Standard)
Usable Wheel Width: 1.5"
Linear Slide Resolution: 6349.9 Linear Counts per Inch
Linear Accuracies: +/- .0005" (+/-.012mm)
Diameter Resolution: .000004" (.0001mm)
Diameter Accuracies: .00004" (.001mm)
Grinding Wheel Diameter: 12"
Inverter for Speeds up to: 9,000 SFPM (Surface Feet Per Minute)
Position Accuracies are based on the wire position and updated every .0025" as the wire passes the sensing pixals.

Main Machine Components:
  • Machine is Based on a TG-12x3 Hi-Accuracy System
  • Servo Motors
  • Ball Screw .00001" (.00025mm) Ram Positioning
  • Glass Scale Feedback: .000004" ( .0001mm)
Linear Movement:
  • Linear Actuator with Sony Magnetic Encoder
  • Levin Spindle System with 1C Collets
Operator Interface: Windows NT Based  Pentium Grade Computer with 15" Flat Screen Monitor
  • Touch Screen

Equipped with:
Royal Master Control: Strongarm – Windows NT Based
      CNC Windows Base Touch Screen Control
2 - 7” Air Sensing Hyd. Dressers Over Wheels
Extra Dresser
Servo Driven Over the Wheel Dressers
Servo Driven Infeed
Deep Bed Filter - Industrial Filters Co. Coolant System with Paper Filtration
Bijur Auto Lubrication System
143” Length Fully Automated Wire Loader/Unloader on Stand (IBAR Missing - Non Functioning)
Spindle Load Meter
Misc. Spare Parts

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