Star SR20J - type N CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe, New 2017



Lathes, CNC, Automatic, Swiss Type

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CONTROL Fanuc Series 31i-B
Max. Machining Diameter 20mm (25/32 in)
Max. headstock Stroke - Standard 205mm (8in)
Max. headstock Stroke - Standard (N-Type) Bar diameter x 2.5
Max headstock stroke - with R.M.G.B. unit (Max. 55mm) (Max. 2-11/64in)
Number of Tools 6 tools
Tool Shank 12mm
4-Spindle Sleeve holder 3-catagories below
Number of tools Front 4, Rear 4
Max drilling capability 10mm (25/64in)
Max. tapping capability M8xP1.25
2-Spindle front sleeve holder 3-catagories below
Number of tools (sleeve) 2-tools
Max. drilling capability 8mm (5/16in)
Max. depth of hole 100mm (3-15/16in)
Power driven attachment 5-cateagories below
Number of tools Cross Milling: 3-Tools - Cartridge type: at 2 position
Max. drilling capability 8mm (5/16in)
Max tapping capability M6xP1.0
Spindle Speed Max. 8000 RPM
Drive Motor 1.2 kW or 1.6 HP
Rapid feed rate (X,Y, Z, XB, ZB) 35m/min
Main spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Main Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor 2.2kw or 3HP (Continuous)/3.7kw or 12.5 HP (15min/60%ED)
Coolant Tank Capacity 170 liters
Dimensions 2255x1200x1700 mm or 88.77x47.24x66.92 inches
Weight 4840 pounds
Max. Chucking Diameter 20mm (25/32 in)
Max. length for front ejection 80mm (3-5/32 in)
Max. parts projection length 30mm (1-3/16 in)
Back 4-Spndle Unit 5 catergories below
Number of tools 4 tools
Max drilling capability - Stationary Tool 8mm (5/16 in)
Max drilling capability - Power Driven tool 5mm (3/16 in)
Max tapping capability - Stationary Tool M8xP1.25
Max tapping capability - Power Driven Tool M4xP0.7
Power driven attachment speed 8000 RPM
Power driven attachment drive motor 0.5kw or 1.7 HP
Sub spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Sub Spindle Speed (RPM) 8000 RPM (Max)
Sub Spindle Motor 1.5kw or 5HP (continous) / 2.2kw or 7HP (15min/50% ED)
Standard Accessories and Functions:

CNC unit FANUC 31i-B
Operation panel 10.4-inch color LCD display 3,
Pneumatic unit
Automatic centralized lubrication unll
Coolant level detector
Door Interlock system 
Broken cutoff tool detector
Parts ejection detector
Drive unit for revolving guide bush
Revolving guide bush unit '
Main/Sub collet
C-axis control (Main/Sub)
Spindle clamp unit (Main/Sub)
6-station tool holder 012mm
Driven system for power-driven attachment
 (including the 3-spindle cross-milling unit)
 4-spindle sleeve holder
 2-splndle sleeve holder
 Back 4-spindle unit
Driven unit for power driven attachment B
Parts ejector (Spring type)
Part conveyor
Air purge for revolving guide bush
Main Spindle air purge unit
Sub spindle air purge unit
Sub spindle air blow unit
Work light
Leakage break
Coolant System
LNS Chip Conveyor

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