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Max Dia. Hole Drilled 1.97 inches
Max Drilling Depth 130 inches
CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control Heidenhain TNC640


     Year:  2019



     Axis Travels Of Machine:

        X Axis (Table Side To Side):  3302mm (130")

        Y Axis (Vertical):  1524mm (60")

        W Axis (Column In & Out):  1168mm (46")

        Z Axis, Drill Stroke:  2413mm (95") Without Whip Guides

          With Whip Guides:  2134mm (84")

        Z Axis, Milling Spindle Stroke:  2 Positions, Clamped When Out:

     0 & 254mm


        A Axis, Drill / Mill Slide Tips:  +/- 15 Degrees & Clamps Into




        X (Table) & Y (Vertical) Axis Programmable Feedrate: 15,240mm/Minute


        W Axis (Column) Programmable Feedrate:  15,240mm/Minute



     Gundrilling Capabilities:

        Maximum Gundrill Diameter:  50mm (1.97")

        Maximum Gundrilling Depth:  2134mm (84.02") While Using 3 Whip Guides


     BTA Drilling (Uses Gundrill Spindle But Requires Installation Of BTA



        Pressure Head For BTA Drilling Is A Standard Item

        Changeover Between Gundrill Bushing & BTA Pressure Head Takes About

          15 Minutes

        Minimum Possible BTA Hole Diameter:  12.7mm (.5")

        Minimum Recommended BTA Hole Diameter:  15.24mm (.6")

        Maximum BTA Hole Diameter:  38mm (1.5")


     Coolant System:

        Pump Type:  Eaton Piston Pumps

        Total Flow:  40 GPM Controlled By CNC

        Pump A:  3-20 GPM, Electronic Linear Actuator Controls Flow

        Pump B:  Full On Beyond 20 GPM To Add Another 20 GPM For 40 GPM Total

        1500 PSI Maximum, Pressure Monitored By CNC

        Inlet Oil To High Pressure Pumps Is Also Pressurized To Prevent


        3 Stage Filtration Protects Pumps.  Oil Filtered Prior To Large

     Clean Oil Tank

          To Prevent Sludge Buildup In Tank

        Dimplex Glycol Chiller (Made In USA) Combined With Plate Heat

     Exchanger To

          Transfer Heat From Oil

        Clean Oil Tank:  750 Gallons


     Chip Conveyor, Oil/Coolant Pans:

        Chip Box Drops Gundrill Chips & Oil Directly Down A Chute Into A


          That Runs Parallel To The X Axis & Passes Under Column Sub Base

     So That

          It Can Better Capture Chips From The Milling Spindle

        Conveyor Then Rises To Drop Chips Into Customer Supplied Chip Bin

        Pans Under Chip Bins Capture Oil & Return To The Filtration System

        For BTA Drilling, Chips Leave Back Of Drill Spindle Into A

     Forward Facing Chute

          Which Directs Chips & Oil Into A Forward Facing Chute Which

     Then Empties

          Into The Main Conveyor


     Milling Tool Changer:

        ATC Built By Side Palsa In Spain, Model #OF60H-909-061701-0,

     Integrated By


        Exchanger Arm Traverse Around Column, Magazine On Floor

        Number Of Tools:  60

        Maximum Tool Weight:  20 kg / 44 Lbs.

        Maximum Tool Length:  400mm (15.75")

        Maximum Diameter Of Tool:  125mm (4.92") If All Tools Used, 200mm


          If Adjacent Pockets Are Empty

        Includes Guarding For Operator Safety


     Tool Measurement & Spindle Mounted Touch Probe:

        Blum Tool Measuring System For Gundrill & Milling Tools

        Blum Or Renishaw Wireless Touch Probe For Part Measuring & Setup


     Additional Machine Features Details:

        Tarus Will Provide The 2 Necessary Isolation Transformers But

     Customer Must

          Provide Disconnect & Adequate Stable Electrical Connection

        Counterbalance For Headstock Is Hydraulic With Air / Oil Pressure


        Lubrication System:  Fully Automatic For Ballscrews & Guideway


        Spindle Lubrication:  Labyrinth Seals, Grease Lubrication

        Temperature Control:  Chilled Glycol Is Used To Cool The Drilling

     Coolant, The

          Electrical Cabinet, The Spindle Motors, The Hydraulic Units, &

     The Torque

          Motor For The Rotary Table

        Machine Guideways, Vertical Axis:  2 Box Ways & A #45 Linear Rail

     In The

          Center For Added Stability

        Machine Guideways, W Axis Column Sub Base:  Box Ways

        Machine Guideways, X Axis (Table):  Linear Rails, #45

        Machine Guideways Rotary Table:  Curved Linear Rails, #45, 1200mm

     (47.24") Ring

        Machine Guideways:  Z Axis Milling:  Motor & Spindle Carrier On

     Linear Rails,

          Quill Surrounded By Turcite Fitted Hydraulic Clamp for Damping

     & Clamping

        Machine Guideway, Z Axis Drilling:  Box Ways

        Machine Guideway, A Axis (Tipping Headstock):  Box Ways & Turcite

        Machine Structure Is Welded Steel Plate.  Ribbed & Boxed

     Structures, Fabricated

          & Machined By Tarus In The USA.  Machine Table Is Iron Casting

     Poured In

          Michigan & Machined By Tarus

        3” USA Made Precision Ground Ballscrews On All Axes

        Positioning Of X, Y & W Axis:  .01mm, Repeatability Is .005mm


     Table Enclosure (Included):

        Table Enclosure With Sliding Doors On Side For Operator Access &


          Front Doors


     Axis Position Feedback (Standard):

        X, Y & W Axis:  Bosch Servo Motor Encoder Feedback

        Z Axis (Drill Feed):  Bosch Servo Motor Encoder Feedback

        B Axis (Rotary Table):  Heidenhain ENDAT 2.2 Sealed Encoder

        A Axis (Tipping Headstock):  Servo Motor Encoder Feedback

        X, Y & W Axis:  Heidenhain ENDAT 2.2 Absolute Position Scales In

     Air Purged

          Extrusion (Extra Cost Option)


     Machine Control:

        Heidenhain TNC640 Control

        PLC Customized For Gundrill & Milling Operation By Tarus

        Control Console Pedestal Bolted To Floor Mount


     Drive Systems:

        Heidenhain Servo Drives, Bosch Servo Motors

        Bosch Liquid Cooled Spindle Motors For Drill & Milling Spindles


     Rotary Table:

        Rotary Table Positioning:  360,000 Pos/Rev

        Capacity:  29,483kg (64,999 Lbs.)

        Table Size:  1500mm x 2000mm (59.06" x 78.74")

        Drive System Is Via Rack & Pinion Through Anti Backlash Gearbox.

     Servo Motor

          Is Liquid Cooled ETEL (Heidenhain) Torque Motor

        Peak Torque Of Rotary Table Including 137:1 Gear Reduction =

     511,136 Nm

        Clamping System:  1000mm (39.37") Diameter Steel Ring With 8 Disc

     Brake Assemblies,

          Spring Clamped, Hydraulic Release

        Total Clamp Holding Force At 60” Radius = 82,696 Newtons

        Positional Measuring System Is Heidenhain RCN Sealed, Absolute



        T-Slots:  7/8”


     Milling Spindle (Separate, Dedicated Milling Spindle):

        CAT 50 Taper To 100mm (3.94") Maximum Cutter Diameter

        Spindle Speeds:  0-3389 RPM

        Spindle Gear Reduction:  1.77 to 1

        Rated Power:  23 kW

        Motor Rated Torque:  220 Nm

        Motor Maximum Torque:  500 Nm

        Spindle Maximum Torque With Gear Reduction:  885 Nm

        Motor Maximum Power:  47 kW

        Spindle Motor Liquid Cooled Bosch Asynchronous


     Gundrilling Spindle:

        Collet Tool Holder For 64mm (2.52") Diameter Gundrill

        Spindle Speed:  0-3389 RPM

        Spindle Gear Reduction:  1.77 to 1

        Rated Power:  23 kW

        Motor Rated Torque:  220 Nm

        Motor Maximum Torque:  500 Nm

        Spindle Maximum Torque With Gear Reduction:  885 Nm

        Motor Maximum Power:  47 kW

        Spindle Motor Liquid Cooled Bosch Asynchronous


     Spindle Running Hours:  50 Hours



        Foundation Prints

        Maintenance Manual

        Mechanical Prints


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