Trumpf TruDisk 5001 CNC Ultracompact Disk Laser Welder (5000kW) with Optics, New 2018


TruDisk 5001

Welders, Laser

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Laser power (at workpiece) - W or Watts 5000 kW
CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control TruControl 1000
Long-term power stability +/- 1 with laser power control
Adjustable power range 2 (3) to 100 %
Beam quality at the input coupling in the fiber (typical values) mm * mrad 2 I 4, 8 I 25
Numerical aperture behind the fiber 0.1
Wavelength 1030 nm
Maximum number of outputs 4
Laser Light cable um - 50 I 10, 200 I 600
Accessories Intergrated Heat Exchanger
Cooling Options Integrated heat exchanger (standard) or integrated compressor chiller (option for power range 3-6 kW)
Cooling water temperature ranges Integrated heat exchanger: 5 to 28 c I Integrated compressor chiller: 5 to 38 c
Ambient Temperature in operation 10 to 50 c
Efficiency Up to 34 % (depending on laser type)
Electrical Connection 380V (-10%) to 460V (+10%), 50 Hz to 60 Hz (+3 Hz)
Options Brightline Weld, active laser power control and live power display, integrated compressor chiller, Remote Services, Quality Data Store, cooling of processing optics via the laser, Trumpf LaserNetwork, CutAssist
Dimensions 0.85 m2
Footprint 0.85 m2
Weight 1100 pounds

Options Purchased:
 -BrightLine Weld
 -Trumpf LaserNetwork
 -Central sensor receptacle
 -Laser Device extensions
 -Cooling processing optics
 -Active laser power control
 -Interface in user's compartment
 -Brightline Weld Basic
 -Extended ambient conditions
 -Laser light cable
 -LLK-D 2in1
 -LLK diameter 100/400 um, 15m, 2in1
 -Hose kit Cooling focus optics
 -Coding cable
 -All in English

*Trumpf Processing Optics - BEO D70 welding optics
 -Manual Defocus
 -Camera and ocular and sensor receptacle
 -Cassette module
 -Protective Collar

* New Price paid in mid 2018 - $300,000.00

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