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Trumpf TruMark Station 5000 Laser Engraving Machine, with Rotary Table, Trumpf 3000 Laser Head, New 2010


TruMark Station 5000

Laser Markers

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CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control PC Computer
Laser Medium: YAG
Laser Class 1
Workpiece Specifications - (W x H x D) 26.77" (680mm) x 19.68" (500mm) x 27.55" (700mm)
Z-Axis Travel 19.68" (500mm)
X-Axis Travel 11.81" (300mm)
Y-Axis Travel 11.81" (300mm)
C-Axis Travel 360 Degrees
C-Axis Rotation Speed TBD
Z Traverse Speed 1.5m/min
X Traverse Speed 6m/min
Y Traverse Speed 6m/min
Wavelength 1060 =/- 3 nm
Pulse repetition frequency cw, cwm, 1 - 1000 kHz
Adjustable pulse duration 9 - 200 ns
Max. size of marking field 290 x 290 mm2
Min. focal Diameter 41 um
Max. internal focal position adjustment =/- 60 mm
Beam quality M2/Instensity allocation 2.0 / low order mode
Scanner calibration accuracy =/- 50 um
Electric Voltage 115V - 230V
Electrical Frequency 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Dimensions of Work Station (W x H X D) 33.85" (860mm) x 78.74" (2000mm) x 51.57" (1310)
PC Computer with Keyboard and Mouse
Laser Marking Software
TruMark 3000 Laser Generator
4" - 3-Jaw Rotary Chuck (Motorized)
Work Table
Fume Collection

Specifications are Preliminary and Subject to the Purchasers Verification.

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