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Lucas Fermat BUC-E 63/85 Grinding Machines

Item #: BUC E

Description: The BUC E is a fully CNC controlled grinding machine designed for longitudinal and plunge-cut grinding of cylindrical and conical external surface, or with an internal grinding attachment for grinding of cylindrical and conical internal surfaces.

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The universal Lucas Fermat BUC E CNC is a fully CNC controlled grinding machine with a controlled axis X (grinding wheel head in-feed), Z (longitudinal table feed), and axis C (grinding wheel peripheral speed).


The BUC E is primarily designed for controlled grinding of rotation cylindrical and conical external surfaces of workpieces by longitudinal or plunge-cut grinding methods. As a matter of course, form grinding and grinding of various transitions among different diameters can be performed. The grinder also allows grinding of face surfaces and grinding of cylindrical and conical internal holes with the use of internal grinding attachments (other version). The workpieces may be clamped between centers or by flying-mode into the chuck. The drive headstock as well as grinding wheel head and upper table may be inclined for grinding cones. It is possible to grind either at the centers or in the flying-mode with the workpiece clamped in the chuck or on the magnetic plate.

The grinding wheel head and table are moved in the line by ball screws and servomotors. The BUC E CNC is designated for workpieces weighing up to 3 000 kg.

Cylindrical grinding machine BUC E CNC can be additionally equipped with automatic balancing system, in-process gauge, axial probe, super finish attachment, automatic (electric) rests, XZ ruler etc.

Controls: Siemens 840D sl or B&R control systems