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Lucas Fermat WRFT 130/150/160 CNC

Item #: WRFT 130/150/160 CNC

Description: The WRFT 130/150/160 CNC are universal boring and milling machines that allow efficient processing of large and heavy work pieces while utilizing high precision and quality of operation.

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The WRFT 130/150/160 CNC Horizontal Boring Machine series are the largest table type horizontal borers produced by Fermat. Among other machine characteristics, it has powerful milling and drilling capacity, even at the top of Y-axis stroke with higher precision than other machines available on the market. The powerful headstock consists of a movable slide ram (V-axis) and a moveable live spindle (W-axis). Given additional optional accessories, it is possible to increase the number of controlled axes. During the metal processing, the column of the machine provides a Z-axis movement and the work pieces are clamped on the rotary table that travels on the X-axis. The standard configuration provides linear ways for all axis slides.

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