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Hitachi Seiki Hitec-Turn 25S NC Lathe, New in 1986

Item #: T12843

Description: Used Hitachi Seiki Hitec-Turn 25S NC Lathe, New in 1986, Chuck size 10", Dia Spindle 2.77", Max Swing 20", Z Axis 24.4", X Axis 8.5", Control: Fanuc 10TE-F

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(1) Used Hitachi Seiki Hitec-Turn 25S NC Lathe, New in 1986


Chuck Size                                                                           10”
Dia Spindle Through Hole                                                    2.77”
Spindle Nose                                                                        A2-8
Spindle Speed                                                                     20~3600 RPM
Max. Swing                                                                          20.0”
Width of Upper Surface                                                       16.5”
Overall Length                                                                     85”
Max. Distance between
Spindle Nose and OD Tool Nose                                         30.3”
Stroke in Vertical Direction (Z axis)                                      24.4”
Stroke in Horizontal Direction (X axis)                                  8.5”
Rapid Traverse in Vertical Direction (Z axis)                        480”/min.
Rapid Traverse in Horizontal Direction (X axis)                   315”/min.
Feed rate (both in vertical and horizontal dir)                       0.0001”~19.685”
Number of Tool Mounting Faces                                          10 for QCT Tooling/12 for VDI Tooling
ID Tool Mounting Hole Pitch Circle Dia.                              18.98”
Diameter of Tail Spindle                                                       3.54”
Taper of Tail Spindle                                                            MT5
Stroke of Tail Spindle                                                           4”
Spindle Drive Motor                                                             AC 18.5KW/15HP AC25KW/20HP
Hydraulic Unit Drive Motor                                                  0.75KW/1HP-4KW/4HP
Coolant Pump Drive Motor                                                  0.4KW/0.53HP-2KW/2HP
Required Floor Area                                                           129” x 80.7”
Weight                                                                                 12100 LBS

Controls Fanuc 10TE-F
Coolant Pump

There are three known issues with this machine:
1) It leaks coolant through the way cover seals
2) Tailstock doesn’t move
3) If it sits too long powered down the turret moves slightly and you have to turn off soft OT travel to return home.

Specifications are preliminary and subject to buyer verification at time of inspection