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Kent CS-2280 Manual Precision Lathe

Item #: CS-2280

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Product Features

  • 10 HP Spindle Motor, 12-Speeds
  • Precision Spindle with 3 Point Support
  • 3.2” Spindle Through Hole
  • Hardened and ground spindle gears and shafts; hardened and ground bedways
  • Solid Full Length Casting Base; Full-length Safety Foot Brake
  • Spindle Jog Button Control
  • One-shot/Auto Lubrication for Apron, Carriage, and Bed Ways
  • Multi-position Adjustable Feed Position Stops
  • Dual Inch/Metric Calibrated Tailstock Quill

Standard Accessories

  • 3-jaw chuck (12″)
  • 4-position tool post
  • Thread chasing dial
  • Steady rest
  • Coolant system

Optional Accessories

  • DRO System 80”(2-axis, x=0.0001”/z=0.0005” res)
  • Aloris CA #4-SET (Tool Post and 6 holders)
  • Aloris DA #5-SET (Tool Post and 6 holders)
  • Royal spindle type live center (M.T. #5)
  • BTC 3-jaw chuck w/back plate (Zero-set, 12” D1-8)
  • 4-jaw independent Chuck (12” or 16″ D1-8)
  • Face plate (20” D1-8)
  • Taper turning attachment
  • Micrometer carriage stop