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Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mills

One of the main characteristics of the FERMAT floor type horizontal boring and milling machines is their powerful milling and drilling chip removal (even at the top of the Y axis stroke) and higher precision than is offered by other machines available on the market. The large variation of selectable parameters is combined with its broad range of operating functions. The main feature is a modular concept that allows greater production variables and rapid set-up through the use of peripheral tools and accessories.

The machine moves in 3 or 4 different axes (X, Y, Z and W for borers). An additional B and/or V-axis is added when the machine is equipped with a rotary table. Several clamping plates can be joined together, or in combination with a rotary table to achieve specialized configurations easily and quickly.

Work pieces can be clamped either on the additional rotary table, on the clamping plates, or using both these possibilities. The main working purpose of the machines is chip removal from large and heavy steel, cast steel, or cast iron work pieces. The machine’s technology allows a wide utilization in milling, boring, reaming, and threading processes. FERMAT machines stand out thanks to their capacity to achieve higher precision than their competitors.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)