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Palmary PSG-C50150AHR PSG-C60150AHR PSG-C70150AHR

Item #: PSG-C50150AHR PSG-C60150AHR PSG-C70150AHR

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Palmary PSG-C50100AHR PSG-C60100AHR PSG-C70100AHR   PSG-C50150AHR PSG-C60150AHR PSG-C70150AHR   PSG-C50200AHR PSG-C60200AHR PSG-C70200AHR Surface Grinders


  • 1. Uses strong cast iron and excellent structural design which eliminates internal stress and ensures rigidity, stability and accuracy.
  • 2. The “M” series uses “AA” grade steel balls for the guideway to make operation easier and saving labor.
  • 3. The “H” series X and Y slideways are coated with Turcite-B providing stable movement and durable accuracy.
  • 4. Uses P4 precision angular contact bearing for the spindle to ensure accuracy within 2 μ. Also adopts a cartridge design which is completely sealed and lubricated for high durability and accuracy.
  • 5. Except for the “M” series, all types can install automatic downfeed (AD5) which adds greater convenience for grinding operations.
  • 6. Models above the PSG-50 Series all main casting parts like the column, table, etc. have double-wall construction to ensure rigidity and stability during heavy grinding.
  • 7. Designed and manufactured to meet the needs of high accuracy and fine surface finish.
  • 8. Ruggedly constructed throughout to ensure greater vibration dampening capacity.
  • 9. A wide range of models to choose from: manual, hydraulic and servomotor operated.

Controls: Fanuc or Mitsubishi


Standard Accessories:

1. Grinding Wheel (1 set)
2. Wheel Flange (1 set)
3. Flange Extractor (1 set)
4. Wheel Balancing Arbor (1 set)
5. Wheel Dresser with Diamond (1 set)
6. Leveling Screw and Plates (1 set)
7. Tool Box and Tools (1 set)
8. Working Lamp (PSG-C50.60.70 not included (1 set)
9. Coolant System (PSG-C50.60.70 only) (1 set)


Optional Accessories:

1. Cross/Vertical Micro Feed
2. Auto. Demagnetizer for Magnetic Chuck
3. Electro/Permanent Magnetic Chuck
4. Demagnetizer for Workpiece
5. Angles Forming
6. Radius Forming Attachment
7. Tool Makers Vise
8. Sine Bar
9. Parallel Dresser
10. Coolant System (1/8 HP)
11. (Dust) Suction with Coolant System
12. Automatic Paper Strip Filter and Magnetic Separator with coolant System.
13. (Dust) Suction System (1/2 HP)
14. Magnetic Separator with Coolant
15. Automatic Paper Strip Filter
16. Punch Former
17. Rapid Up/Down System
18. Automatic Down Feed System
19. Automatic Demagnetizer for Magnetic Chuck
20. Automatic Crossing Stroke Adjustment by Control Panel Switch
21. Back Water Splash Shield