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Citizen Model L32 VII CNC Swiss Automatic Lathe, New 1997


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Citizen Model L32 VII CNC Swiss Style CNC Automatic Lathe, New 1997


CNC Control: Cincom System VII (Mitsubishi Meldas 520LDC)
Max. Machining Diameter: 1.25"
Max. Machining Length: 12.5"
Max. Front Drilling Diameter: .47"
Max. Front Tapping Diameter: M10 (w/tap & die)
Spindle Through-Hole Diameter: 1.41"
Main Spindle Speed: 200 - 8,000 rpm
Main Spindle Index Unit: C-Axis 5 degrees
Rotary Tool Spindle Speed: 200 - 5,000 rpm
Max. Chuck Diameter of Back Spindle: 1.25"
Max. Workpiece Length for Front Side Collection from the Back Spindle: 5.9
Back Spindle Speed: 200 - 6,000 rpm
Back Spindle Index: 15 degree
# of Tools:
Front Drilling:
Back Drilling:
Tools for Back Drilling on Independent Tool Block:
Tool Size:
Gang Tool Post (tool): .63" x .63" x 5.11"
Gang Tool Post (sleeve): 1"
Back Tool Post (sleeve): 1"
Rapid Feed Rate (all axes): 20 m/min
Main Spindle Drive: 3.7/5.5kw
Back Spindle Drive: 1.5/2.2kw
Tool Spindle Drive: 1kw
Cutting Oil: 0.4kw

Machine: 114" x 51" x 81 1/2" 5,830 lbs
Chip Conveyor/Pan/Tank: 113" x 49" x 51 1/2" 1,500 lbs

Equipped with:
CNC Control: Cincom System VII (Mitsubishi Meldas 520LDC)
IEMECA 12’ Magazine Barfeed
Misc. Barfeed Channels
With Collets

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