Aeroex Mist Collectors

Aeroex oil mist collectors are designed to overcome many of the shortfalls of other technologies and designs. We have developed unique high-efficiency separation elements with long life cycles. Trust Aeroex to design the demister or oil mist filter best suited for your facility.

Mist-Fit Series Oil Mist Collectors in: MF-350, MF-550, MF-560, MF-1050, MF-1950

Mist-Fit Series Oil Mist Collectors in: ARO-400, ARO-600, ARO-1100, ARO-1400, ARO-2000, ARO-2500, ARO-4000

Iris Series in for Air Purification only, in 5 models: IRIS-400, IRIS-600, IRIS-1100, IRIS-2000, IRIS-4500