Fastrax® Program

What is Fastrax®?

Orca's Fastrax® Asset Management service is an ongoing liquidation service program.

Our team of professionals can help, whether you're:

  • closing a manufacturing department;
  • consolidating plants; or
  • looking to sell assets and don’t need the quick sale solution of an auction.

There is a big market in the world of manufacturing and with our expert professional systems, we will find them. This is a unique, transparent system like none other!

How Does it Work?

Orca’s Fastrax personnel will work closely with operations executives to plan and prepare for the sale of inactive manufacturing assets. We spend time to help you strategically identify and prepare a transition or downsizing. We sort and document surplus, sometimes moving equipment to offsite locations in preparation for sale. In short, Fastrax is your complete floor-to-door solution! We even help eliminate excess EAO of OEMs, whether electronics parts, lab equipment, medical process support equipment.

We love CNC machine tools, but love even more to turn your assets into cash!

Contact us today to learn more about the how the Fastrax® program can help you manage your assets – and maximize your return.

FASTRAX® Program

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