Seibu Wire EDM’s

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Seibu – Finest “High & Ultra Precision” CNC Wire EDM Technology – Existing Today

Orca Machine Tools, is excited to represent SEIBU CNC WIRE EDM MACHINES.

These are the only wire EDM’s completely 100% built in Japan, hand scrapped for ULTRA PRECISION & Accuracy wire cutting work.

From the HP series with pitch cutting accuracy to +/-3um and the UP series to pitch cutting accuracy +/-1um. Mex15 is accurate +/- 0.5um

4 Types, 9 Models – MHP Series, MMUP Series, MEX15 & M25LP (Oil).

Seibu Smart NC Control (Fanuc Drives/Control) with over 4,000 EDM sub routines in the controls.

Each machine is set up by a factory trained technician with 1.5 days of set up & 3 Days of ON-SITE training. With a sample cut to confirm finishes and accuracies at your facility.


Seibu EDM’s in STOCK !

Contact Us Regarding Seibu

Contact me with your project: 612-804-3382 or

Ask for:  Theron Horn, Jr. – President

Our Territory is: Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska.

Service Technicians: (3) in Chicago at KGK, (1) in Minnesota.

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Seibu CNC Wire EDM since 1972

*Take advantage of the Federal Tax Section 179 up to $500,000.00 annually