7" Mitsubishi MAF 240/180B CNC Floor Type HBM, 1200 RPM, 100' X-Travel, 73HP New 1980 (Recontrolled in 1999)


MAF 240 / 180B

Boring Mills, Horizontal, Floor Type

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CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control Gidding & Lewis 8000B CNC Control - Recontrolled 1999
Spindle Diameter 7.08"
Milling spindle diameter 9.44"
Vertical Head Travel, Y-Axis 169"
Horizontal Column Travel, X-Axis 1200" (or 100')
Headstock Travel, Z-1 Axis 47.24"
Spindle Travel, Z-2 Axis 47.24"
Total Axial Travel 94.49"
Rapid Traverse, X & Y Axes 315 IPM
Rapid traverse, Z, W and U Axes 197 IPM
Spindle Taper CAT #50
Spindle Speeds 6-1200 RPM - (3-Steps)
Max. Spindle Thrust 11,000 Lbs
Constant Power Range 79-1200 RPM
Rotary Table Manufacture and Model Mitsubishi DIT-A21X30
Rotary Table Size 82" x 118" ( T-Slotted)
Rotary Table Max. Weight Capacity 30 Tons
Rotary Table Type Insliding
Rotary Inslide Travel 59"
Rotary Table Degrees of Clamping 90 Degrees
Floor Plates - Number 10
Floor Plates Size 15' Wide x 10' Deep - available at an additional cost.
Machine HP 73 HP
Giddings & Lewis 8000B CNC Control (Recontrolled 1999)
Remote Pendant with CRT
Operators Platform
16K System
Linear and Circular Interpolation
Mitsubishi Model DIT-A21x30 Rotary Table
Automatic Attachment Changer - with Storage Cabinet
  • Milling Extension Block - 240MF-250A Automatic
  • Right Angle Head          - RH-40/S-40
  • Universal Head               -UH-15/S-250
  • Extension Milling Head   -MEH-1000S
Harden and Ground Ways
Way Covers on X & Y Axes
Chip Conveyor
Coolant System

Floor Plates are Available at Additional Cost
Pad Size: 100' x 15'
Plate Size: 10' x 15'
Quantity: 10
*Dismantling Cost of Buyer









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