Lucas Fermat Automatic Pallet Changer System



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The Automatic Pallet Changer System (APC) increases productivity time during machining. Machining can be carried out on one pallet while the others can be used for preparation (cleaning of table workpiece setup etc.). The APC system consists of two or more pallets (according to the customer requirements). 

The Pallet Exchange Process

The pallet exchange process is performed in five phases:

  1. The pallet is unclamped from the X-axis. The shifting slide is connected to the rotation slide on the X axis by pins inserted into the lock.

  2. The pallet itself is moved by a chain where it is pulled by the pin up to the clamping position.

  3. The X axis slides move in front of the next pallet with the workpiece loaded.

  4. The new pallet is shifted to the X axis slides then the shifting slide retracts.

  5. The pallet is clamped to the X axis.


The Automatic Pallet Changer System by Lucas Fermat saves you time and increases the flexibility of your production.