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Gantry Multitask Center




The Lucas Fermat 5-axis Gantry Multitask Center has a fixed table and a movable column designed for machining of large work pieces from 5 sides in one set-up. The Gantry Multitask Center enables a combination of drilling milling turning grinding and laser hardening operations. It is able to perform various manufacturing operations without moving the part and without a manual intervention. The machine is designed for power machining with high rapid traverse.

All of these features provide an outstanding improvement in productivity and a reduction in production costs. Compared to horizontal boring machines the productivity can be increased by about 30%. Among other advantages of the Gantry Multitask Center are improved rigidity and increased ram stability secured by the box-in-box design of the cross-rail or reduced floor space.

A rotary table can be incorporated into the main table as a live axis with rotary positioning for OD and ID turning.


Siemens’ Sinumerik 840D sl control system with NCU 720.3. The control system supports safety integrated functions (SI) and it operates 23 axes. It has two numeric control units and three operating places. There is a distribution board with its own active line module source (ALM source) with a group of controlled axes connected through expansion cards NX10.3 or NX15.3 and DRIVE-CLiQ interfaces on each column base.

Options available:

  • Powerful grinding heads

  • High Speed CNC continuous head with up to 15000rpm

  • Laser hardening

  • Robotic ATC

  • High Speed automatic grinding head for OD and ID grinding

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