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The Lucas Fermat WF 13R/15 R CNC floor mills incorporate the newest technological advances available on the machine tool market place. The WF 13R/15 R CNCs are equipped with a powerful headstock capable of high axial forces for machining large or small work pieces alike. The additional CNC rotary table available on this model is capable of precise circular interpolation and is a very useful tool. The WF 13 R and WF 15 R floor mills are designed for even the most problematic machining situations due to their rigid design and the precise machining capabilities that they offer.‏

Machine Configuration

WF 13 CNC - Spindle diameter 130 mm | 5.12''

WF 13R CNC - With traveling ram 700mm | 27.60"

*ask about customization available

**for bigger tables (T25 I T40) please see table section

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