Lucas Fermat WRF 130/150/160/MILL CNC



Boring Mills, Horizontal, Floor Type

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WRF 130/150/160/MILL CNC




The WRF Series are the largest of the Lucas Fermat boring mills. They are mainly used for precise and powerful machining of big and heavy work pieces from iron cast steel and steel. They are often put to work on machining parts for the energy field and crane or ship parts.

Machine Configurations:

WRF 130 150 160 Basic Configuration

WRF 150 TR-machines with tilting headstock

WRF 130 portable

WRF 160 Heavy Z=1500 headstock with ram stroke of 1500mm and spindle extension of 1000mm.

WRF 160 heavy Z=1600 machine design with special double column ram stroke of 1600mm and spindle extension of 1000mm*

WRF Mill headstock with ram stroke of 1550mm designed to mill with milling heads.

*Optional hydrostatic X Axis

*ask about customization available

*1 Headstock with Hybrid bearings only for motor 41kW

*2 Headstock with hybrid bearings only for motors 41kW and 58kW

*3 Headstock with hybrid bearings

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