Miyano Citizen GN2-3200W CNC Twin Spindle Chucking Lathe with Fanuc Oi-TF 2, 8000 RPM, Gantry Loader, 3.5 Secs - Load/Unload, 7.5HP, New 2020



Lathes, CNC (3-Axis or More)

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CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control Fanuc FS 0i-TF 2 system
Machining Capacity Max. Diameter of chuck
Pull type collet chuck 1.574 or 40mm
Fixed type collet chuck 1.377 or 35mm
Fine precision air chuck 1.77 or 45mm
Power type chuck 1.77 or 45mm
Diaphragm Chuck 1.968 or 50mm
Max Machining Length 1.969 or 50mm
Max. workpiece length with loader 1.574 or 40mm
Number of Spindles Two
Spindle Nose Flat
Spindle Thru Hole .669 or 17mm
Inner diameter of draw tube .433 or 11mm
Spindle Speed Range 8,000 RPM
Slide - Number of Tool Platens Two
Type of Slide - Horizontal linear tool platen X & Y Dovetail
Control Axis 2x2 axes (x,z simultaneous)
Slide Stroke See X & Z below
X Axis Travel 7.08 or 180mm
Z-Axis Travel 7.87 or 200mm
Rapid Feeds - X & Z 15 m/min
Tools See Below
Shank size of square turning tools 10/12/ (16) mm
Number of Tools 5x2
Diameter of Drill Shank .787 or 20mm
Spindle Drive 15 min/cont. 5HP or 1.5kW and at 15 min 7.5HP or 2.2kW
Robotic Gantry Loader yes
Dimensions 55.11 Width x 55.11 Depth x Ht. 62.99
Robotic Gantry loaders - Load/Unload Time 3.5 Seconds
Weight 5900 pounds
Number of Part Cycles on this machine: 30,000 approximate

Control: GN2-3200W: FS 0i-TF 2 system
    Controlled axis X, Z X, Z 2 axes × 2 systems
    Loader with one slide: 2 axes × 2 systems
    Loader with one slide: 2 axes × 1 system

Gantry Loader specifications (Yes)
Type 2-axes NC 1 saddle 2 hands 1 saddle 2 hands
– 2 saddle 4 hands
Max. Work Size Ø 40 x 40 mm Ø 40 x 40 mm
Max. Work Weight 250 g 250 g
Feed rate Right and left operation 130 m/min 130 m/min
Upper and lower sides 154 m/min 154 m/min
Control unit
Control system PMC axis control PMC axis control
Control soft Flexible loader control Flexible loader control
Drive system Right and left operation Rack & pinion Rack & pinion
Upper and lower sides Rack & pinion Rack & pinion

Tank capacity (in Liters)
Spindle cooling device 7 l 9 l
Lubricating system 1.5 l 1.5 l x 2
Coolant tank 90 l 200 l

Air supply
Air pressure supply 4 bar (4 kgf/cm2) 4 bar (4 kgf/cm2)

Splash guard interlock

(Must be Verified) Optional accessories: Gantry loader (Yes), Chuck Systems, Air Blow, High pressure & inner coolant supply, Spindle inner coolant, Automatic fire-extinguisher, Automatic power off, Chip conveyor, Chip box, Total and preset counter, Total and multi counter,
Coolant mist collector duct, Damper & duct, Warning light, Specification color, etc.
Loader specifications (Optional)

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