MultiFinish MF 22 / 2 ( Wet Bowls) Centrifugal Precision Polishing & Grinding Machine, Application: Med Device, Watch Parts, Sci Instr, New 2012


MF 22 / 2 (Wet/Wet)

Vibratory Machines

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CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control Seimens Simatic Touch Panel
Number of Bowls 2 - Wet Bowls
Diameter of Bowls 12" x 2
Wall Thickness of Bowl 1/2"
Bowl Depth 12"
Bowl Type Wet or Dry Wet
Wet Bowl Operation Both Bowls can run as wet operation
Bowl Style Dump Type with Lever
Right Bowl Wet Grinding
Left Bowl Dry Polishing Only
Seive Pans 17" x 12.5" x 5" - x2
Water Resevior Storage Capacity 20 Gallons - Approximately
Dimensions L-R 4'-10", F-B 3' 4", Ht. 60"
Weight 750 pounds
Seimens Simatic Touch Panel Control
Functions Below on Touch Panel
-Start Bowls 1 & 2
-Stop Bowls 1 & 2
-Speed Up
-Slow Down
-Air Cool/ On Bowl 2
-Air Cool/ Off Bowl 2
-Run Time Clockwise
-Run Time Counter Clockwise
-Rinse Times / when fitted as Option (Yes)
-Hours run time total
Sera Dosing Pump Stroke % Controls - Stop/Start - Manual/Auto
Bowl Lever Handles for Dump of Media into Seive Pans
2 - Seive Pans with Pull Out Handles
4 - Pans Below the Seive Pans with Pull Out Handles
Media Shovel
Water Mister on each Bowl
Dayton 1/3 HP Water Re-circulation Pump
Electrics: 203/3/60 or 50

Media Type (Wet Operation) - Ceramic, Plastic Chips, Porcelain Chips
Media Type (Dry Operation) - Walnut, Coconut, Plastic Oval Chips, Plastic Square Chips, Wooden Pins & Cubes

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