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Transfer Machines, Rotary, Trunnion (Hor & Ver)

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In terms of flexibility and versatility the VERTIMAC Transfer Machine fully satisfies the requirements of today's manufacturing industry. The set comes with a tailored number of stations ranging from a minimum of 4 up to 14 and suitable to be equipped with 3 or more unit heads each.

VERTIMAC MACHINES can be supplied with 4 up to 14 stations and each station excluding the loading/unloading one can be equipped with 3 or more independent unit heads.


VERTIMAC CNC machines have a very high flexibility and minimum setup and change over times. The frames are of self-contained welded steel fabrication with double walled construction and assure a high static and dynamic rigidity. As a result all cutting forces are totally absorbed enabling heavy roughing operations in one station and high precision machining on the next station.


VERTIMAC MACHINES represent the answer to the needs of flexibility and versatility required today by the market.

•Wide side windows assure maximum accessibility to all stations and unit heads and reduced set-up and change over times.

•The hanging table allows a downward free flow of chips and coolant making possible the machining of material producing long chips.

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