Roders Tec RXU1001DSH CNC 5-Axis Trunnion Type Vertical Machining Center, Roders PC Control, 24K Spindle, 30 ATC, Probe, New 2016



Machining Centers, Vertical, (5-Axis or More)

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CNC Control yes
Type of CNC Control Roders PC Based 5-Axis
Style of machine Trunnion Style
# Axis 5
X 800 millimeters
Y 855 millimeters
Z 500 millimeters
A-Axis Trunnion Tilt Range +/- 115 Degrees The surface of the machine table is 70 mm below the rotation axis of the A-axis.
C-Axis Table Rotation Positioning Degrees +/- n x 360 degrees
Rapid Traverse 0–60,000 mm/min
Max Table Load 800 kilograms
Max Spindle RPM 24000
Taper HSK-A63
Automatic Tool Changer 30 Station
Table Working Surface 600 millimeters
Max. Height Between Spindle Nose and T-Slot Table The maximum height between spindle nose and t-slot table is of approx. 671 mm. When a chuck will be used on the machine table the maximum height will be reduced accordingly
Rotation range of table Almost unlimited
Power 21.456 horsepower
Weight 21.0 metric-tons
Machine Features:
CNC Control: UPS for Control-PC of 5-axes machine
G-Code Programming
RMS6/CP - Collision Protection
Machine Table 1000DSH Diam. 600 t-slot
Spindle compensation
Remote Control via Teamviewer
Renishaw OMP 400 Touch Sensor
Laser Tool Length Measuring
3D-Touch Probe automatic TI DS
RMS Inspect, 3+2 Axes
NC - Simulation RMS edit/Sim
Oil mist suction machanical 1000-1400
Dynamic Table
Chip Conveyors
Coolant System - at the tool
Tool Spray Cleaning

High resolution optical encoders in all axes
Powerful wear-free direct drives in all axes
Special Röders 5‑axis geometry compensation for high precision, also at long lasting machining operations
Precise temperature control of machine components

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