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Seibu M75B Wire EDM    
High Speed-Precision    
Seibu’s M75B wire EDM is built for large size heavy parts. The machine is designed to deliver high material removed rates while holding a pitch accuracy of ±3 microns. Machine castings are ground and hand scrapped for complete flatness. Guideways are checked for flatness lasered for straightness and test cuts are performed on all machines which are then checked on a CMM for accuracy resulting in high precision parts. The M75B features the user-friendly Fanuc 31iWB series control with a 15-inch TFT LCD touchscreen that contains over 4000 cutting conditions. The GUI for Windows graphical interface makes it easy for operators to learn the control. The control has been customized to show more information so operators can check the necessary cutting data or maintenance work on any screen at any time. 
Axis travel XYZ 29.5" x 19.7" x 12.2"    
Max. workpiece weight 2205 lbs.    
max. workpiece dimensions WxDxH 35.4" x 27.5" x 9.8"    
Wire diameter .004" to .012"    
Automatic wire threader standard    
U-V axis travel UxV ±2.4” × ±2.4”    
Max.taper angle ±10° @ 11.8”    
(±45°/1.6”: option)    
Machine Dimensions WxDxH 114.4" x 103.5" x 85.4"    
Machine Weight 11243 lbs.    
Selling Features      
• 100% made in Japan      
• hand scraped meehanite castings      
• Fanuc 31iWB Control      
• air cooled cabinets      
• 17" dry annealing auto. wire feeder      
• absolute glass scale feedback      
• core stitch circuit      
• super fine finish circuit      
• anti-electrolysis circuit      
• corner control      
• workpiece straightness circuit      
• different height software      
• hardened insultated work table      
• vertical worktank door with signal lights    
• worktank sensors      
• automatic water level control      
• LED worktank light      
• remote control handbox      
• dielectric chiller      
• prefilter      
• 4 MAN Triple bellow paper filters      
• 2 DI bottles      
• wire alignment block      
• tool box      
Optional Items      
• 45° taper      
• EL coating      
• rotary table      
• thermal adjust 24      
• small hole attachment device      
• 20kg wire spooler      
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.    


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