Star SR20J - type N CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe, New 2014


SR20J typeN

Lathes, CNC, Automatic, Swiss Type

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CONTROL Fanuc Series 31i-B
Max. Machining Diameter 20mm
Max. headstock Stroke - Standard 205mm (8in)
Max. headstock Stroke - Standard (N-Type) Bar diameter x 2.5
Max headstock stroke - with R.M.G.B. unit (Max. 55mm) (Max. 2-11/64in)
Number of Tools 6 tools
Tool Shank 12mm
4-Spindle Sleeve holder 3-catagories below
Number of tools Front 4, Rear 4
Max drilling capability 10mm (25/64in)
Max. tapping capability M8xP1.25
2-Spindle front sleeve holder 3-catagories below
Number of tools (sleeve) 2-tools
Max. drilling capability 8mm (5/16in)
Max. depth of hole 100mm (3-15/16in)
Power driven attachment 5-cateagories below
Number of tools Cross Milling: 3-Tools - Cartridge type: at 2 position
Max. drilling capability 8mm (5/16in)
Max tapping capability M6xP1.0
Spindle Speed Max. 8000 RPM
Drive Motor 1.2 kW or 1.6 HP
Rapid feed rate (X,Y, Z, XB, ZB) 35m/min
Main spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Main Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor 2.2kw or 3HP (Continuous)/3.7kw or 12.5 HP (15min/60%ED)
Coolant Tank Capacity 170 liters
Max. Chucking Diameter 20mm / 23 mm (option)
Max. length for front ejection 80mm (3-5/32 in)
Max. parts projection length 30mm (1-3/16 in)
Back 4-Spndle Unit 5 catergories below
Number of tools 4 tools
Max drilling capability - Stationary Tool 8mm (5/16 in)
Max drilling capability - Power Driven tool 5mm (3/16 in)
Max tapping capability - Stationary Tool M8xP1.25
Max tapping capability - Power Driven Tool M4xP0.7
Power driven attachment speed 8000 RPM
Power driven attachment drive motor 0.5kw or 1.7 HP
Sub spindle indexing angle C-axis control
Sub Spindle Speed (RPM) 9000 RPM (Max)
Max. Speed Backworking 8000 RPM
Sub Spindle Motor 1.5kw or 5HP (continous) / 2.2kw or 7HP (15min/50% ED)
Weight 4840 pounds
Dimensions 2255x1200x1700 mm or 88.77x47.24x66.92 inches
Equipped With: 

Fanuc Series 31i-Model B CNC Control
Iemca Ideal 325 Barfeed
High Pressure Coolant
Installed in 2015

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