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About Mandelli 5 Axis CNC Mills

We are the exclusive agents for Mandelli 5-Axis Hard Milling and Multitasking CNC Horizontal Machining Centers. We cover from Minnesota through Pennsylvania. Mandelli today in the most advanced machining center for Titanium, Inconel, Hard Tool Steel and more. From our Spark 1300 to Rumble 6000, we have large size machining covered for you. If you are in aerospace, nuclear, military or large molds and tooling Mandelli will increase you uptime and processes. Take a close look at iPuma software an advancement in AI built right into the tool itself monitoring, thermal growth, audio signature of the cutting tool, thrust and more.

At Orca, we value honest, integrity and ethics and we’re your partner through the process.

Our Territory

Mandelli has been so pleased with our quality of work that our territory has recently expanded to cover even more ground. We've recently upgraded our sales staff to ensure our high standards are met with every sale.

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.


Mandelli Spark X Series

Mandelli Spark X 1300 CNC Horizontal Machining Center

Mandelli Spark X 1600 CNC Horizontal Machining Center

Mandelli Spark X 2100 CNC Horizontal Machining Center

Mandelli Spark X 2600 CNC Horizontal Machining Center

Mandelli Rumble Series

Mandelli Rumble 4000 CNC Machining Center

Mandelli Rumble 6000 CNC Machining Center

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