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New CNC Accessories

Orca Machine Tools is proud to announce our new partnerships with the companies below providing new CNC accessories for your machines. These CNC accessories include Collets, Chucks, Driven Tools, Bar Feeds, Rotary Tables and more.

Contact us by calling 1-855-997-4516 or by emailing us at sales@orca-inc.com

Air Quality Engineering Logo

Air Quality Engineering is the industry leader in metal machining mist filtration technology. Ask us at Orca Machine Tools how we can help.

DC Products Logo

Accu-Stop, Wheel Flange, Automation Fixtures, Custom Fixtures

Dorian Tool Logo

Carbide Inserts, de-vibe bars, knurling specialists, live and dead center and more. Ask us how we can help.

GenSwiss Logo

Swiss Machining Tooling, Inserts, Specials, Small Diameter tooling and machine accessories. Ask us how we can help.

Haimer Logo

Tool Holders, Shrinking Technology, Cutting Tools, Balancing Technology, Measuring Instruments, Tool Management, and Presetting Technology. Ask us how we can help.

Hardinge Group Logo

Rotary Tables, Trunions, Collet Chucks, Collet Block, Collets, Custom Solutions, Hardinge, Forkardt, and Buck Chuck. Ask us how we can help.

Heimatec Driven Tools logo

Driven Tools - Superior quality and performance. Live tools for mill and lathe Angle Head and customers Speed increasers and collets. Ask us how we can help.

HP Cool Tech Logo

High Pressure Coolant Pumps and Filtration Systems for machining centers and swiss applications. Fully adjustable to 2000 PSI. Ask us how we can help.

Iemca Bar Feeders Logo

Quality bar feeders, gantry loading products. Ask how we can help.

Sowa Metalworking Solutions Logo

Rotary tool holders, forged steel, Balanced to 30,000 RPM, .0002 TIR, DIN Coolant, CAT/BT/HSK/NMBT endmill, ER, Tapping. Ask us how we can help.

Stevens Engineering, Inc. Logo

We manufacture workholding accessories for Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers. The STEVENS Modular Fixturing System Includes hundreds of components designed to make workholding faster and more accurate. Ask us how we can help.

Utilis logo

We are the specialist for precision tools used in machining production processes in micromechanics. Quality, service and customer proximity are our strategic success factors. For UTILIS products, strict adherence to the certified quality management defined by ISO 9001 is a matter of course.

MULTIDEC - the embodiment of machining in micromechanics our own brand offers internal machining tools (starting with a diameter of 0.5 mm), thread whirling cutters with up to 12 blades and modular tooling systems for swiss-type lathes.

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10 Item(s)